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Mariana Belloso Twitter: @beiiosoMariana

Journalist, writer, editor, economics student, mother of two girls. Living and writing in El Salvador, Central America.
  • Rita Laura Melgar, de pie, mientras da tutoría a estudiantes de matemáticas en la Universidad de San Francisco. Esta salvadoreña comenzará a trabajar en la NASA en junio próximo.

    La fuga de cerebros: una salvadoreña en la NASA

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    Abstract: Rita Laura Melgar is a 27 year old Salvadorean, who became a mother when she was 16. As a brilliant student, she managed herself to finish her secondary and superior studies in El Salvador. In her own country, she worked as an assistant teacher, with a US$600 salary. Six […]

  • Las labores domésticas no son tomadas en cuenta en las cifras oficiales del PIB, pese a que organismos como el PNUD han calculado que tienen un importante peso en las economías. Fotografía propiedad de la autora.

    Las “mujeres mantenidas”

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    Abstract: The stay-at-home women around the world make a big contribution to global economy. The unrecognized work of women engaged in unpaid domestic work can equate to 40% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but the official numbers do not take it into account. The failure to recognize the true value […]

  • El bolsillo roto de papá Estado

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    Abstract: At the end of 2012, the debt of El Salvador reached $13,480.1 million, about 56.5% of the Gross Domestic Product. The Government has a limited income but a growing spenditure, and nowadays maintains a list of subsides on products and services that costs over $400 million. This subsides have […]

  • Parto de Clara Beatriz, en el Hospital Ginecológico.

    De dólares y partos

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    Abstract: I have two daughters. The older one was born in a public hospital, and the younger one in a private facility. My experiences in each case were so dramatically different that I’m still shocked when I remember them. Having money to pay private attention was the main difference. My […]

  • El oro de la discordia

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    Abstract:  Since Canada-based Pacific Rim Mining Corp.  and other mining companies have tried to get authorizations to extract gold from El Salvador’s underground, there have been division among local people, legal battles, and even homicides. The stronger concern is the effect of the mining activity, and the use of chemicals, […]