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Melissa Payne

I'm an Australian full time student and part-time volunteer, and one day hope to work in not-for-profit PR. My multi-faceted interests include writing, reading, current affairs, intercultural relations, history, philosophy, and art. I write for Future Challenges because I'm interested in how public debate can generate solutions for a sustainable global future.
  • The Future of Women CEOs in Australia

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    During a recent internship, I interviewed a female CEO for International Women’s Day. She said the glass ceiling in Australia has not shattered, but there are a few fractures in it. After talking with this inspiring woman, I began to give thought to how I will carve my career as […]

  • Graduated, Skilled, Eager and Unemployed

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    Are Australian undergraduates looking forward to getting employed when they graduate, or are they concerned about prospects in Australia? “Go to university,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said… The effects of the GFC linger even in our isolated corner of the world. While older Australian workers grip tightly to […]

  • What lies ahead for Papua New Guinea…

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    On 23 June 2012, Papua New Guinea voters, including 87% from rural districts, began the difficult travail (on average a two hour walk across rugged mountains and dense rainforest) to confirm their vote for Papua New Guinea’s political future. One significant item on the electoral agenda is the vital need to restructure […]