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Stephen Hartka Twitter: @shartkaStephen

Stephen Hartka is currently a graduate student at Sciences Po Paris where he is pursuing a degree in International Public Management. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 2010, majoring in Foreign Affairs and French. Thematic interests include European foreign policy, particularly transatlantic relations. Aside from his academic experience, he has also worked as a consultant, specialising in the evaluation of European public policies and programmes and enjoys writing on EU affairs.
  • Egalité: An age-old French virtue’s medical benefits

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    Inequality, especially uneven access to healthcare, has increasingly come to be seen as central to understanding the development of chronic diseases. In France, a country synonymous with equality because of its revolutionary past, the complexities of combating inequality between individuals and areas provide lessons Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) now account for […]

  • France: Greens collapse in Earth Day vote

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    Earth Day 2012 coincided with the first round to the French presidential elections which took place on 22 April. France’s Green Party faced a major setback, receiving a paltry 2.3%, posing the question of whether environmentalist movements can achieve more widespread political power. Earth Day 2012 brought together an estimated […]

  • Paris’ electric rent-a-cars are struggling to gain momentum

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    The French capital’s new electric car rental scheme Autolib’ raised high hopes as a cost-effective means of making transport more livable and environmentally-friendly in one of Europe’s largest and most-visited cities. However, the program has so far been unable to achieve the same success as the city’s similar bicycle rental […]