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Shaikh Rafia Twitter: @ShaikhRafiaRafia

Freelance writer and tri-lingual translator (wannabe, yep!). Interested in all things culture, languages, human brain, roads, small towns, food, sustainability; in a hapless love affair with technology.
  • Cultivable Land Creating Opportunities for Pakistani Women

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      Sindh government initiated a first-of-its-kind pilot project in 2008 to distribute 91,000 hectares of cultivable state land to thousands of poor and landless peasants, with specific focus on women. The Province of Sindh has traditionally been a patriarchal society mainly sustained by agriculture. While women have always played a vital […]

  • MOOCs and their impact on Pakistan’s traditional education system

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    Since the past few decades, technology has not only developed itself at an exponential rate, it is also revolutionizing other aspects of our life. Food, communication, health, businesses; many industries have gone through disruptive innovation because of technological advancement. Interestingly, tech didn’t take much long to revolutionize the education industry, […]