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  • Finance Companies send remittances too!

    We all know that immigrants send money home, but did you know that large corporations and international enterprise do the same? They start their businesses in the developing world and then they leave with all the resources and most of the profits  – though they also increase the socio-economic standards […]

  • Beyond Strawberry Picking (Photo: el captain)

    Romania: The EU’s Largest Receiver of Remittances

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    Strawberry nouveaux riches We’ve invented a new word and a social category for them. We call them “capsunari” – which roughly translates as “strawberry-picker,” a term which doesn’t, however, convey the tone of scorn and disdain we usually put into it.  About three million Romanians (13 percent of the country’s […]

  • Migrants in Spain: More remittances, worse conditions

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    The amount of remittances sent from Spain is rising again after two years of fall. Even if this could imply an improvement of the situation of migrants, it actually proves the opposite: they send a bigger part of their loan. Over the top, aggressive right-wing positions against migrants are getting […]