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  • The Rise of Digital Democracy in Cambodia

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    Globalization and the development of technology has brought better access to information and  increased civic participation to most countries and Cambodia is no exception. While non-governmental organizations have traditionally been the key advocacy players, technological advances have now heralded in the rise of citizen journalism networks. The trend, however, is […]

  • Operation: Internet Freedom

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    The Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA. The Protect Intellectual Property Act, PIPA. The ISP based Australian Internet filter, the Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. These are a few examples of many governments’ attempts, both within Australia and internationally, to fight what they see […]

  • ICT and Education in India

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    No doubt the issue raised by Maria Farooq in Defending the Global Village is very pertinent to India. The chronology of events over the last fourteen years shows it clearly- ICT has been used as a tool  for numerous terrorist attacks.  But I couldn’t agree more that despite the fact that […]

  • Nepal: The Allure of Censorship

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    Last month, Maria Farooq discussed how the information revolution can be hijacked and used for unsavoury purposes. Yet it’s not only terrorists and criminals that take advantage of technology, some governments too are  unfortunately also intent on subverting the revolution. The specter of censorship is a favourite discussion topic in online […]