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  • Garbage In – Nigerian Police Force out!

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    Easy evening; reading up on the requirements for one job I’ve been eyeing when I stray to Twitter (*sigh*) and see a link to an article by @BellaNaija titled, ‘N150 Daily Meal Allowance, 50 Recruits Sharing A Fish Head… More Sad Facts Emerge about the Nigerian Police College, Lagos‘. Convinced that @BellaNaija […]

  • Justice versus Jungle Justice in Nigeria

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    In my first year as a Mass Communication student at Ebonyi State University, I was terrorized by a course mate who started with wanting me to write up his essay for him. When I refused, he said if we were married I wouldn’t have refused him and so he was […]

  • India: Of Poodles and Doodles

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    ‘Manmohan Singh – Saviour or Sonia’s Poodle’ was the headline (changed later) in a British newspaper that commented on the Indian Prime Minister’s tenure that is increasingly seen as riddled with corruption, inefficiency and bureaucratic sloth. The Supreme Court has asked the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh to halt […]