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  • Is Pakistan Ripe for a Revolution like OWS?

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    Occupy Wall Street is a different type of movement created in revolt against the capitalist economy which has spawned an enormous economic recession. Although it does not have a direct relation to the country, it seems as if Pakistan’s soil is also ready for a revolution like OWS. Like the […]

  • Protesters at Occupy Wall Street

    An Artificial Protest: Occupy Wall Street

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    The American media has been awash with jubilant exaltations of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). However, despite many claims, the movement is not a transformative revolutionary force. While indubitably there is a small core that is committed to dramatic, even revolutionary, change, they are not representative of most Americans, or even, […]

  • From Wall Street to Central: How OWS is seen in China

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    Having followed the OWS movement since its beginnings, what I find really interesting is all the different ways of appropriation that people come up with. As Jay Sown said recently in a video:  “[OWS] is just specific enough to capture the basic sentiment that so many people share, and just vague enough to let […]

  • A Corporatocracy for the People, by the People

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    Occupy Wall Street is a progressive ideological social movement that is gaining strength in numbers in spite of increasing clashes with police and bad weather. Originating in September of 2011, the movement was initially designed as a popular occupation of 20,000 people targeting Wall Street, New York.  The movement has […]