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  • Occupy Berlin: Serving the clientele

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    Berliners are also taking part in the global Occupy Wall Street movement. But the Berlin Revolution will have to wait a little… The relatively good economic situation means the masses of the Precariat are not yet on the streets and so far most involved appear to be professional activists. Berlin, […]

  • Tidings from India on Occupy Wall Street

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    What is the tide like in India on Occupy Wall Street? Will this anti-capitalist mood also venture in India? India is on a capitalism high since liberalization in 1991.There might be few cases of people protesting against corporates and businesses but the major grievance is with the government – generally […]

  • Who are We?

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    For weeks, reporters, pundits, and political strategists have been puzzling over this question. Now, the organizers of the protest have provided at least part of the answer. A couple of weeks ago, they invited a CUNY sociologist, Héctor Cordero-Guzmán, to survey visitors to their main Web site, More than […]