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  • Cambodian Women and the Economy

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    A traditional Khmer saying  “sartrey bangvil cheung kran min chum”, meaning  women cannot do anything besides moving around the kitchen,  seems no longer valid in contemporary Cambodian society, at least to a larger extent. A quick glance at some figures can show why this is so: around 65 percent of […]

  • Madres escindidas, mujeres exitosas

    Abstract: By force of masterful juggling, women have taken to pieces the myth of feminine inferiority, which so much worried the past generations of activists. Many of us have by far demonstrated how scary capable we are, when the time comes to assume a score of roles at the same […]

  • Ghana: Women’s Work

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    One of the most widely-heralded developments of recent decades has been the growing participation of women in the workforce. In the developing world, some research suggests that this can be one of the strongest drivers of economic growth. In the developed world, it is an increasing necessity as populations shrink […]

  • Does the Military Have a Gender?

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    The Military: A Male Institution by Definition “The military, the defence forces have no gender. Military only has power, the capability to fight, authority and social prestige. The unity of the defence forces does not know gender or age. There are female soldiers and there are male soldiers. Professional competence, […]