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Lending a learning hand

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What started as a project to help improve the English language skills of underprivileged kids turned into something a lot more for the group of volunteers who ventured out to teach students at the Dar-ul-Shafqat, an orphanage in Pakistan.

With activities ranging from English language workshops to playing cricket and letting the kids sing in turns, the whole month was a delight for the whole team of volunteer students from various privileged private institutions of Lahore including LUMS, LSE and LGS. Our program included a whole month of not just English workshops but arts training and a debate camp, and helped give each and every student a whole new flair of confidence.

It ended with a whole day packed with debates, a singing competition, face painting and a celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day. The video covers everything we did over the month with pictures and small clips that I put together during the course of the project.

I hope this video will help to spread the word that each and everyone of us has a part to play in building a better educated society whether we’re in government or private institutes or are just students in private institutes

Learning to Share from Muhammad Khalid on Vimeo.

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Muhammad Bilal Khalid Twitter: BilalKhalidi

Muhammad Bilal Khalid is from Lahore, Pakistan. He is currently working as a volunteer and youth activist at various organisations including YES Alumni Pakistan and DFID empowering the nation and the youth of Pakistan through different projects and opportunities. Muhammad Bilal has been actively participating in climate workshops. He also has been a Student Ambassador to England and the United States on two exchange programs representing the culture and norms of the Pakistani Society and exchanging ideas to bring about a better change in Pakistan. Bilal also takes part in Model United Nations to keep up with international events and he keeps on working to empower the youth and help them reach their maximum potential in Pakistan.