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  • Hambre y sobrepeso en Bolivia

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    Abstract: Bolivia, a country with aproximately 9 million inhabitants, has a 27% of its population suffering from malnutrition (undernourishment). The government is attacking the problem from two points, in the one hand place the Health Department has a strong campaign focused on children up to two years of age, on […]

  • My daughter won´t be your maid

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    Felipe Quispe, a prominent indigenous leader who sieged the city of La Paz in 2000 in order to induce the structural change our country needed so much was a student at the San Andrés University in La Paz. He was a History student and got some of his protest ideas […]

  • Riqueza debajo de la tierra, pobreza por encima

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            Abstract: Is our mineral richness a curse? We have not been able to convert this wealth into economic and social growth and problems keep popping up all over the country, no matter the government, the laws or the companies working there. Bolivia’s mining history is not very […]

  • Cracking Down on Cocaine

      President Evo Morales is in the midst of a political battle affecting citizens and international relations AT 4,000 metres above sea level, where the altitude causes even athletes to feel exhausted after a short walk, the city of El Alto, “The High”, is aptly named. Tourists who ascend its […]

  • El agua no es nuestra

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    Abstract: In the year 2000 the first Water War was held in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The government had just signed a contract with Aguas del Tunari, a company of the Bechtel Corporation, to administrate the water supply of the city of Cochabamba and its close surroundings. However, since the company started […]