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  • Banking on Mobiles: Africa leading the way

    The rise of telecommunications in Africa is causing a revolution in mobile banking Some people are the bringers of new sounds. Whilst Elvis Presley sent the rumbling of rock and roll to the UK through the radio, Mo Ibrahim brought the dial tone to Africa through telecommunications and for the […]

  • Conflict in the DR Congo

    Fearing for the future, weeping for the past If civil-society struggles persist, the DRC will continue to fall short of its vast economic potential. Philip Gourevitch, author and journalist, once wrote: “Oh Congo, what a wreck. It hurts to look and listen. It hurts to turn away.” In three sentences […]

  • The Economics of Education

    It can be difficult to gauge the balance between making university places accessible but also maintaining their value – here’s how Singapore does it University degrees are a strange commodity. They don’t surge in value when demand gets feverish but instead, like the shares of a listed company, become diluted […]

  • A Mysterious Coup

    The Maldives’ Former President is Not About to Go Quietly In the European mind, the Maldives is a tranquil island paradise of exotic settlements and sun-kissed beaches. In February 2012, the archipelago’s president was Mohamed Nasheed, 44, a charismatic man admired by environmental campaigners for his impassioned calls to reduce […]