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  • San Francisco sprawl. Photo by Phil Whitehouse

    Endless urbanity?

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    Urban revolution appears to be an appropriate term for the growing number of new social phenomena, from the recession to the Arab Spring. The protest actions of the ‘snow revolution’ seem to be far from being the only example in Russia.

  • Ise cleavage next to Vladivostok. Photo by Vanya Kuznetsov

    Russia Uses Water Like There’s No Tomorrow

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    Water is treated as a liquid asset in some countries and considered as a natural given in others. Arid countries value water more than those with a more humid climate. Russia seems to value oil and gas as its most important assets, not water: it shows scant interest in limiting […]

  • Flower with Vladivostok panoram in the background. Photo by Jason Rogers

    Russia: Failed Green Policy and Civil Society Alternatives

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    Ulrike Reinhard’s article compares democracies to authoritarian regimes and the ways these political models address environmental issues. But what about a country that is neither a democracy nor a 100% authoritarian state? Failed democracies like Russia have a high level of corruption that creates situations in which the authorities turn […]