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  • El agronegocio soyero: ¿a quién alimenta?

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    Abstract: The Bolivian government is planning to expand the agricultural border from 3 million hectares to 13 million in twelve years. This raises two big questions: Where will these extra ten hectares be located? And what will be grown in them? If it is soy, as in the 37% of […]

  • “En la ciudad uno es pobre”

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    Abstract: Vicky is a single mother who works cleaning three different houses. She has three children but only the two younger ones live with her in a peripherical neighbourghood in La Paz. Her father is above eighty years old and lives alone in the country near Huari in Oruro. He […]

  • La lucha hacia el desarrollo sostenible en Bolivia

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     Abstract: In the past three decades, States began to realize the importance of crafting long-term public policies to achieve sustainable development. However, due to the economic and financial crisis many countries have had to put their sustainable development goals on hold in order to achieve economic growth. In 2011, the President […]

  • La austeridad del Presidente

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    Abstract: In Bolivia, the forced austerity is poverty. Poverty in a very rich country, rich in minerals, oil and its people, but a long history of mishandling of the public finances has led us to a deeply divided society. Our current president however, gave a different tone to things in 2006 […]

  • Bandera Bolivia

    La perjudicial falta de libre comercio en Bolivia

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    Abstract: The notion of economic integration and free trade are not well-understood or implemented in Bolivia. Despite the fact that Bolivia has signed several Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and is actively engaged in regional economic blocs, it still sees more negative than positive aspects to FTA’s. The Government needs a comprehensive […]