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  • Cocina rural en Nicaragua

    “Vivir bonito” en Nicaragua

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    Abstract: The government of Nicaragua announced in January of this year a campaign that is being called, in short, “Vivir bonito” (“Living pretty”). The initial 14 point plan doesn’t specify the concrete measures that this campaign will execute, although the goal expressed is the desire of the government for Nicaraguans […]

  • Como Alicia en el país de las maravillas

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    Abstract: Fighting for our rights, for basic services, for fair wages, for developing the country avoiding the mistakes the first world has made is a daily thing for us Bolivians. This daily fight makes us politically aware and very active and I don’t know if we could live without such a […]

  • La cura que conocemos

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    Abstract: In Bolivia traditional medicine is the most used by families both in the country and in the cities. It is not only cheaper but is accessible to everyone because it lies in the communities knowledge. This tradition is so important that their mediators or facilitators known as “yatiris” have […]