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  • Cairo, Egyp. Uploaded by neiljs on Flickr under a CC BY 2.0 license

    Heartbreak by the Nile

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    Globalization has great benefits and great side effects. When the global economy is doing well, a lot of people try moving to the developed world for a better life while an ailing economy also forces people to find jobs elsewhere. Economic knockdown is perpetuating bad labor practices both in the […]

  • Prospects of Democracy for Egypt’s Youth Bulge

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    “Youth’s energy, innovation and talent, can only bring the best for Egypt if it is targeted in the right direction,” Nahla Zeitoun of UNDP tells Future Challenges. Programme Analyst at the UNDP Democratic Governance unit in Cairo, Nahla Zeitoun likes to compare democracy to playing music. “Musicians ought to practice […]

  • The Anatomy of Graffiti: Arab Spring Arts and Protests

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    Graffiti has flourished with the onset of Arab revolutions, recording the ebb and flow of uprising across city walls in inspiring murals that mimic the triumphs and disappointments in a people’s fight for freedom. Beyond graffiti, it is no secret that the arts and culture scene in Egypt and the […]

  • Snapshots from Tahrir Square after Friday Prayers

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    Mohamed Atia, 44, Hamam City, Mars Mardroh State 1. When was the first time you went to Tahrir Square? January 28, 2011. And I stayed until February, 12. 2. What has changed since then? Nothing. It got even worse: corruption increased, unemployment increased, prices skyrocketed. 3. How does it feel […]