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  • Conflict is Here to Stay

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    Conflict is an innate aspect of human nature and thus inevitable. Man can never realistically avoid every single point of discord. Different perspectives, disagreements, divergent values, competing goals, and overlapping claims will always exist. Individuals, and the states they construct, in the quest to achieve their goals, will thus indubitably come to loggerheads. To ignore this fact is to lead policymakers, and the people who they are supposed to protect, down a dangerous path.

  • We all “speak” the language of peace

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    “In a sense it’s strange that humanity didn’t turn out even worse…that our goals are sometimes unrealistic and that we have to live with frustration is bad enough..” – Johan Galtung. Galtung one of the foremost theorists in peace and conflict studies, I believe hits the nail on the head. […]

  • War & Peace – a conversation with Masha Egupova

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    From Masha: Hey Tom, Interesting take on the war issue. I might disagree with you on several points as I see it in a different gender perspective. I believe that war is a man made thing. It is very unfortunate that English language does not really differentiate between man as a male […]

  • War & Peace – a conversation with Yohana de Andrade

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    From Yohana: Hey Tom! I’ve been thinking about your email all day. As I strongly disagree with you, I tried to understand your point of view. Maybe because I live in a country that doesn’t get involved in wars as much as United States (or other countries) do, I simply don’t get […]

  • War & Peace – a conversation with Rabab Khan

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    From Rabab: Thanks Tom. Your email reminded me of this: “Is it for faith to deliver peace, when on all sides inequity thrives for it shall indeed thrive, when the blessed walk past blissfully blind, content in their own moral purity, in the peace filling their souls? Oh, you might […]