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  • The Role of Women in Building Sustainable Development

    The World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002), the International Conference on Population and Development (1994), the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995), and the 2005 World Summit all acknowledged the pivotal and important role women play in sustainable development. However, democratic governments and institutions have yet to draft a […]

  • Land Grabs and Deforestation in South Sudan

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    According to a report issued by the Oakland Institute, hedge fund land grabs in Africa are a contributing factor to “food insecurity, the displacement of small farmers, conflict, environmental devastation, water loss and the further impoverishment and political instability of African nations.” The implications of land deals in the Republic […]

  • Land grab in developing countries

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    Foreign acquisitions of farmland in Africa and elsewhere have become the focus of concern. Many observers consider this development a new form of colonialism that threatens food security of the poor. David Hallam of FAOs Trade and Market Division argues that investments could be good news if the objectives of […]

  • Juan J. Daboub on adapting to climate change

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    Juan J. Daboub founded the Global Adaptation Institute. It is a non-profit environmental organization guided by a vision of building resilience against climate change and other global forces as a key component to sustainable development. Their mission is to enhance the world’s understanding of the urgency for adaptation to climate […]