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  • Desarrollo

    Austeridad y crisis económica: ¿receta para el desastre?

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    Abstract: During the economic and fiscal crises the world has faced recently, austerity has taken center stage in plans to restore order to the public finances of the countries affected. But, what happens when countries have problems of low growth? Can you reduce government spending without deepening economic crises? The example of Europe […]

  • Nicaragua Billete resellado

    Austeridad en el trópico: antes y ahora

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    Abstract: Every time I hear the word “austerity” very concrete memories come to mind. I think of Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution of the 80’s, when the government took severe austerity measures in order to tackle the strict economic embargo that the US imposed on the Central American country. These […]

  • La carne de cerdo es uno de los productos salvadoreños que no pudo aprovechar el CAFTA. Fotografía tomada por la autora.

    Las deudas económicas del CAFTA

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    Abstract: Seven years have have passed since El Salvador became the first country to start the application of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), signed with the United States. The agreement has had many detractors since its  negotiation, and  many sectors insist it has affected the Salvadoran production and even increased […]

  • Subsidies in El Salvador

    The Torn Pocket of Father State

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    The Salvadoran state is like a father who has many children. It is in debt, has limited wages, has maxed out its credit cards and overdrawn its checking account, and while it gets loans to restructure its debt, it always comes back for another overdraft. Father State thinks he’s doing well. He […]