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  • All books and no play makes Jack an out-of-work boy

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    The author would LOVE to thank Ligia María Orellana for her awesome drawings and her awesome self. I have a friend who’s studying abroad, in Mexico. She’ll have a PhD in Demographic Studies before she turns 30. This is highly unlikely in Latin America and even less likely in Central […]

  • El oro de la discordia

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    Abstract:  Since Canada-based Pacific Rim Mining Corp.  and other mining companies have tried to get authorizations to extract gold from El Salvador’s underground, there have been division among local people, legal battles, and even homicides. The stronger concern is the effect of the mining activity, and the use of chemicals, […]

  • Orando por un poco de paz.

    La carísima paz

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    You can live in relative peace in El Salvador, if you have the resources to afford it. There’s a direct relation between how poor people are, and how vulnerable they are in front of the country’s violence and insecurity.

    A minority, the same portion of the population with de higher income, can buy “peace”, in the form of private security services, bodyguards, armored vehicles or extra secured houses.

    But the rest, the people with lower income, have to deal with robbery, violations, extortions, and other types of violence. 

  • Tasa de homicidios por municipio en el Triángulo Norte durante 2011

    La paz como insulto

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    Abstract:  In Central America,  we can rarely determine what we should understand as “peace”. If it were to be understood only as the absence of war, then yes, we live in peace. However, given that Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala constitute the most violent micro-region in the world, can we […]