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  • Electricity Outages Causing Ripple Effects in Ghana’s Economy

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    Ghana is currently facing its longest power crisis ever. Despite Ghana Government’s promise to fix this problem by offering alternative sources of power, the country is still experiencing frequent power outages. With a huge public administration wage bill, a consistently depreciating cedi (Ghana’s currency), and other macroeconomic instability indicators, the country […]

  • Can West Africa Power Pool adopt off-grid lighting

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    This article was originally drafted by Terfa Hemen and the Centre for Democracy and Development for the newsletter “West Africa Insight” as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Searchlight Process. For more Searchlight content on, please click here. Constant electricity supply continues to be a huge challenge for the developing nations of West Africa. Most West African nations have […]

  • Big and Clever

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    Super-large transmission and “smart” distribution could be one of our greatest hopes in fighting climate change and getting rid of nuclear power. Sebastian Petrick investigates