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  • Democracy on Life Support: The outside observer

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    The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI) pointed to a rollback in democracy in Hungary. Hauke Hartmann of the BTI discusses what he sees. Do you think policies such as those of Fidesz/Orbán are viable in the twenty-first century? Do you think they are appropriate to prepare Hungary as an EU […]

  • “A lot more bankers should go to Heavy Metal Festivals.”

    Here at we usually spare neither trouble nor expense to get you the input of experts, wherever they might want to talk to us … along these lines, please find my interview with Harvard magna cum maude alumnus, former McKinsey- and JP Morgan professional aka the “investment punk” Gerald Hoerhan, author of the bestseller “Investment […]

  • Eurocratese vs. Democracy

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    National leaders and EU officials often use bureaucratic language to obscure controversial policies. This not only serves to confuse and alienate European citizens, but it undermines the democratic legitimacy of the Union and this will have to change as it acquires more powers. Last week’s high-level Belgo-German Dialogue took place […]