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  • An aging society in a welfare state?

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    What would you do with a country where you have a very generous healthcare system, an aging society and a pretty complicated economic situation? Hungary is well known as a country on its way to embracing Western European standards in terms of social security and economic success. A lesser known […]

  • Is it really a step backward?

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    Transition takes time, and each country proceeds along its own path at its own pace. The current situation in Hungary or Romania is comparable to similar situations in years past in other transition countries in Central Europe. These countries need is simply more time for their young democracies and market economies to become more successful.

  • Democracy on Life Support (unabridged)

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    Democracy in Hungary: Why Outsiders Should Care Alexey Sidorenko, a Future Challenges blogger based, has been observing the rollback in democracy in Hungary under Fidesz. Looking from the outside in, he sees it as one example of a broader rollback in democracy in Eastern Europe. Follow Alexey @sidorenko_intl. This article […]