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  • Maria Medalha, photo by Antonio Miotto on Biscate Social Blog under CC BY NC.

    Women and the perils of homelessness in Brazil

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    Homeless people are a reality worldwide; they are often driven to a life on the streets by unemployment, alcohol addiction and disputes with relatives. In Brazil, civil society and government initiatives are trying address the needs of those struggling to live on the streets. But as the blog of the […]

  • Delhi’s homeless women: the street, my shelter, my home

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    The past couple of years women have been raising their voices in cities all across the world. And it all began in the Canadian city of Ontario, sparked by a Toronto police officer’s contemptuous comment that “women should avoid dressing like sluts” if they wanted to avoid harassment on the […]

  • Unboxing empathy: The hidden city

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    Unbox festival is a design festival held in Delhi. The first among 3 article, this one gives a glimpse into the creative collaborations that are challenging the prevalent notions of urban development and housing.