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  • Job vs. Business – Where does your future lie?

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    In one of my previous articles, I presented the lives of street vendors in the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad, Pakistan. The pictures gave a graphic description of the conditions in which lower class uneducated Pakistanis work, and what they think about unemployment and job conditions can easily be imagined. […]

  • The Search for Decent Work

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    This article was originally drafted by the African Center for Economic Transformation for the newsletter “West Africa Trends” as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Searchlight Process. For more Searchlight content on, please click here. Job creation is the biggest pressure on governments across the world especially as the global economy struggles to regain growth rates. […]

  • All books and no play makes Jack an out-of-work boy

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    The author would LOVE to thank Ligia María Orellana for her awesome drawings and her awesome self. I have a friend who’s studying abroad, in Mexico. She’ll have a PhD in Demographic Studies before she turns 30. This is highly unlikely in Latin America and even less likely in Central […]

  • Taken by Gabrielle Lyons

    Not a hand out but a hand up: Australians investing for the future

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    (Source: G. Lyons, Nepal, 2011) Australia as an industrialised nation demonstrates a governance system that is stable, a growing economy and a rapidly expanding technology infrastructure.  However what are Queenslanders and Australian’s as a greater community doing in order to assist nations that are economically struggling and fail to implement […]