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  • Mobile Learning Environment

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    The MoLE (Mobile Learning Environment) project is a collaboration between 22 nations, sponsored by the US Government. These partners are working together to build a platform independent set of tools aimed at learning collaboration and information sharing on mobile devices. Read more

  • Mobiles in Classrooms

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    BridgeIT is a program that uses mobile phones to bring educational videos to rural classrooms – a mobile teaching tool deployed in The Philippines and Tanzania, which is changing the way teachers and students interact. Read more

  • Butterfly Works

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    Butterfly Works co-designs for a better world. They are based in Amsterdam and work globally. They have developed numerous concepts which contribute to greater equality in the world, including projects on digital and mobile learning. Read more

  • Africa’s Mobile Future

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    A barrage of innovative, flexible mobile solutions are turning Africa’s economic and social fortunes around, and Gudrun Porath says that the West should be learning from the developing world’s successes.