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  • Los retos de las migrantes nicaragüenses en Costa Rica

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    Abstract: Costa Rica is not only an attractive tourist destination, but also the Latin-American country with the highest number of migrants in relation with its total number of inhabitants. Most of these migrants are from Nicaragua. Half of those migrants are women and are concentrated in the urban areas of […]

  • Nicaragua Billete resellado

    Austeridad en el trópico: antes y ahora

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    Abstract: Every time I hear the word “austerity” very concrete memories come to mind. I think of Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution of the 80’s, when the government took severe austerity measures in order to tackle the strict economic embargo that the US imposed on the Central American country. These […]

  • Cocina rural en Nicaragua

    “Vivir bonito” en Nicaragua

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    Abstract: The government of Nicaragua announced in January of this year a campaign that is being called, in short, “Vivir bonito” (“Living pretty”). The initial 14 point plan doesn’t specify the concrete measures that this campaign will execute, although the goal expressed is the desire of the government for Nicaraguans […]