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  • Desalination Plants are Gaining Salience in Australia

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    Australia is a dry country, yet it boasts 59,736 kilometres of coastline (for a state/territory breakdown of coastal lengths, see the Australian Government’s Geoscience Education web page). While the supply of salt water is seemingly endless, the supply of fresh water is critically insufficient. The situation demands innovative solutions. Acknowledging […]

  • Harvesting a positive water culture

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    Water, or the lack of it, has been a prominent issue in the Australian state of Victoria for the last decade and a half. Year after year, as drought ravaged the south east of the continent Victorian dams dropped dramatically, falling below 30% three times. This unprecedented dry spell necessitated […]

  • No Toilet! No Bride! Did I hear right?

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    No Toilet! No Bride! Did I hear right? Yes! A toilet might be just a basic facility taken for granted in the western world but it’s quite a forthright statement and courageous demand in the context of rural and semi urban India. And it’s a demand now being put forward […]

  • UN-Water Conference

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    Water in the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio+20. Hosted on the 3-5 October 2011 in Zaragoza, Spain. “Water is the engine for the green economy” read more The material available via this link was produced by the United Nations.