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  • Two policemen standing in front of "Future is on Our Side" poster. Photo by Anton Belitskiy (Courtesy of

    Putin’s Choice, Creative Class, and the Future of Russia

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    Putin’s choice: heavy industrial and military development On March 4, 2012, following just few hours after the preliminary results, workers of UralVagonZavod, Russia’s biggest producer of tanks and armored vehicles and the largest main battle tank manufacturer in the world, congratulated Vladimir Putin with a victory in the presidential race. […]

  • Pluses and Minuses of the Berlin Barcamp

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    Conferences and barcamps can be really great or they can be a dismal failure. The measure of success depends on the structure of participants, organization, topics and one element that is hard to describe even though it’s one you can actually feel – the ‘atmosphere’. Organization Despite the fact that […]

  • Umweltforum, Berlin. Photo by Alexey Sidorenko

    Measuring the Influence of Internet Movements on Reality

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    “How the Internet Changes Our Reality” proclaims a vertical banner in front of the building of the Church of the Resurrection transformed into a ultra-modern Umweltforum venue hosting the Barcamp held by Future Challenges, the Club of Rome and the Berlin Institute for Internet and Society. Ironically speaking, one might say […]