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Aline Marsicano Figueiredo

Having grown up during the (re)democratization of Brazil, topics such as democratic institutions, freedom of speech, civil disobedience, and governance matters have always drawn my attention, which was complemented by a growing awareness of the feminist transversal perspective on several of these topics. While in Sciences-Po, I was able to contribute a few times with the Paris Globalist, which was both a great opportunity to explore writing about some of these topics and a motivation to join Future Challenges. Currently, I work at the Ethos Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the area of Institutional Affairs. I am especially involved with anti-corruption matters in both the private and the public sector, working in partnership with several major companies and the UN Global Compact to influence public policy and also, regarding the private sector more specifically, with compliance and integrity matters.
  • Brazil: The fallacy of perfect equilibrium

    The current climate of upheaval and commotion took Brazilian decisionmakers by surprise. This is partly because the government so far has been a little too comfortable with the state of things as they are.  Up to present, all their press releases and interviews have revealed nothing but coolness and complacency […]