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  • Closing the gender gap to stop women’s drift into poverty

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    Although Germany is one of the most advanced and developed countries in the world, the financial and economic situation of women in Germany is not the best when compared to that of women in other Western countries. This disparity is especially striking when you consider Germany’s political leadership, headed as […]

  • Austerity for the sake of fairness?

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    I do believe in the broader European Union including almost everything that comes with it. That also means that I uphold the idea of solidarity among members of the EU. Solidarity, however, is not supposed to be lopsided. Take a closer look at recent developments and the financial support given […]

  • What’s the real merit of free trade?

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    As far as I know I have never thought about free trade apart when I had to during university classes which is probably a solid enough indicator that this topic is rather remote from my personal concerns. So either I take for granted the advantages that come with the European […]

  • Migration to Israel

    Work to live? Or live to work?

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    I want to forestall any idea that the view expressed in this blog might possibly trigger controversy. I am talking for the most part on behalf of a more privileged third generation of immigrants to Germany. This however is not supposed to belie my awareness of the variety of other, […]