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Daniel Vekony

PhD student in International Relations studying at the Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Economical energy – is going green the real solution?

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    There is one very striking difference between traveling through villages in Hungary and Bavaria, Germany. In Bavaria, almost all the rooftops are covered by solar panels; in Hungarian villages none are. At first glance it would seem that Germany has found its way to clean, sustainable energy. However, this view […]

  • We need a new social contract – not just austerity

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    When economic growth is not a given anymore, how can democratically elected governments trigger growth, maintain the welfare state and keep public spending down all at the same time? The answer is easy: they simply can’t. European welfare states have come to a crossroads. On the one hand, private investors […]

  • Free trade – no silver bullet for Hungary

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    Free trade might boost global economic growth, but it can have devastating effects on those who are not prepared for it. At the end of the day, a country needs to learn how to ride the waves of globalisation otherwise it ceases to be master of its own destiny. During […]

  • The Challenges of Fixing the Hungarian Brain Drain

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    As ever more Hungarians decide to leave the country, Hungary faces a creeping social crisis. Who will replace those young talents who emigrate? And what effect will this have on the way we Hungarians define ourselves? To understand such questions, you have to dig deeper into the history of the […]