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Dominika Ricardi

A mum of 2, always dreaming of a better world for our children. I have a Master of Development Practice from the University of Queensland and have worked in local government planning and the multicultural sector. I'm part of Future Challenges to learn, share and contribute to positive change.
  • Town planning for healthy communities

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    As a writer for Future Challenges, I have a long-term interest in building sustainable, inclusive and healthy communities. Several great initiatives in Australia are helping to achieve this vision. Earlier I mentioned the project Healthy Spaces & Places in a post for “Death Threat” and I would like to expand […]

  • Diabetes: a preventable epidemic

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    As a mother of 2 boys under 5, I always worry about my children: are they getting enough exercise? Are they eating enough fruit and vegetables? Do they watch too much TV? Government guidelines recommend no TV for children under 2, and only 1 hour for children aged 2 to […]