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Dominika Ricardi

A mum of 2, always dreaming of a better world for our children. I have a Master of Development Practice from the University of Queensland and have worked in local government planning and the multicultural sector. I'm part of Future Challenges to learn, share and contribute to positive change.
  • The Intervention: From Dreamtime to Nightmare

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    “You cannot drive change into a community and unload it off the back of a truck. That is the lesson of the Intervention.” —Northern Territory Emergency Response Review Report, 13 October 2008, p58 In 2007, the Australian federal government called in the military to intervene in the Northern Territory to […]

  • Why Gen Y?

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    I’m a “Gen Y-er.” At the age of 30, I just fit in to the classification. Over the past several decades, work culture has changed significantly in Australia, and some employers would complain of our desire for flexible work options, training opportunities, and work-life balance. On the other hand, we […]