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EduardoVarasC Twitter: @eduardovarcarEduardo

Writer, journalist and musician from Ecuador, in South America
  • Ecuador: health as a hot election issue

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    In Ecuador health is a matter of public services (with five hospitals managed by the Health Ministry in the three biggest cities and dozens of health sub-centers in the rest of the country) and private enterprise (with over 40 hospitals and clinics, that, in most cases, work with private health […]

  • Mining and Elections in Ecuador

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    There is a phrase that President Rafael Correa often repeats. The last time he used it was on his official visit to Chile on October 25th 2012. On that occasion, visiting an open copper mine in Antofagasta to see how the mineral extraction process works, he said: “We cannot be […]

  • Wheels against wheels: bicycles in Quito

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    Salomé Reyes was an elite cyclist. She was also a dentist. She participated in mountain bike and urban competitions and was well known inside the Quito sports circuit. In late April she was training for a cycling tour around Ecuador with several friends on the bike path in Cumbayá, a […]

  • The Assange Case: the View from inside Ecuador

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      A diplomatic incident has made Ecuador hit the headlines with Britain, Sweden and the USA. From inside the country, we watch it with fascination and suspicion. All because of that sad letter from the British Foreign Office saying that they could remove diplomatic status from the Ecuadorian Embassy building […]