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Elis Anjos Twitter: @elisanjos

Designer and thinker, creating for the world, working from Rio.
  • Brazil – what’s the next step?

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    The church bells sound here in Leme, the neighborhood where I live in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. They’ve been rung three times this afternoon. After the second peal I heard a call for a march. Another march in Rio. Another demonstration for a better Brazil. It’s weird to hear the […]

  • How Much Does Education Cost?

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    The following article deals with the topic “Effective Investments in Education,” which was discussed at the Global Economic Symposium in Rio. The author intends to promote ongoing discussion of this topic by sharing her personal stories and ideas. As a fundamental right, and the key difference-maker for successful development, education in Brazil already has a […]

  • Redefining Universities Panel - GES 2012, Photo by the author

    Education for Life

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    The following article deals with the topic “Redefining Universities,” which is currently being discussed at the Global Economic Symposium in Rio. The author intends to enrich the discussion at the symposium with her personal stories and ideas. The Redefining Universities Panel brings two mega-trends to the Global Economic Symposium: individualization and massification […]