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    Designing our very own American Dream

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    Growing up in Central and South America, we were raised on tales of  the “American Dream”: how an immigrant could go to the USA and before long have a house, a car, a family and enough money to send back to his extended family in the home country. Things have […]

  • Pumpkin Festival by David Smith CCBy

    Running out of Bacon: The Contradictions of Food Scarcity in a Wealthy Nation

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    Food has become more of an interest after I moved to the United States. I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life so food was certainly in my mind, but nowadays I’m thinking of food beyond the calories, or rather, about food in other ways. Whether it is about the giant portion sizes at restaurants, the great variety of food available or the great waste of food that is seen as normal here I’m still grasping to understand the food culture in my new country.

  • The Hard Task of Protecting People’s Health Against their Will

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    Anti-Smoking laws benefit the population: those who smoke may quit, those who have never smoked may never start, and people who work in restaurants, bar and other establishments are guaranteed a smoke-free work environment. However, these laws have faced the resistance of the community when they’ve passed, despite the fact that it is a law meant to protect their health.