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kammathordarson Twitter: @kammathordarsonKamma

An Icelandic freelance journalist, currently doing a diploma in Development Studies at the University of Iceland. Has a bachelors degree from Sciences Po Paris where she studied political sciences with a focus on Asia and has previously lived in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Lin Yi (China) and Leeds.
  • Will Iceland soon be without any doctors?

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      There is one remarkable thing about Icelandic doctors: they actually work in Iceland. Despite lower salaries and longer hours that they could expect in many other countries, they usually return home after specialising abroad. However, this may not hold true for much longer. Many doctors have resigned over the […]

  • Occupiers in Paris: Goodbye La Défense

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    Sunday December 4th, 2011 – Paris. This is the last day of Occupy La Défense, Paris’ business district. The encampment has held its ground here for one month despite police harassment and rain. November here isn’t made for sleeping out in the open air, or in this case, under the […]