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Nighat Dad Twitter: @nighatdadNighat

Nighat Dad is a lawyer by training with extensive experience in criminal, civil and corporate law matters. She has been serving as legal advisor to various corporate entities and civil society organizations in the country. She is the Director at Digital Rights Foundation and working on Internet Governance issues and an active voice against Government policies that hamper citizen's use of ICTs. She also keenly focuses women rights related legislations, she has been at the forefront on civil society's struggle against increasing Internet ban and content filtering in Pakistan.
  • Azerbaijan: An Unlikely Host for Internet Governance Forum

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      I attended the 7th annual Internet Governance Forum sponsored by the United Nations in Azerbaijan: a country notorious for its non-compliance with international standards for protecting human rights. The IGF brought together some 1,600 representatives of governments, human rights activists, international bodies, NGOs and private companies to convene a […]

  • Deep-rooted Beliefs in Alternative Healing Mechanisms

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    When the health care systems of developing nations are compared to those of developed countries, critics easily forget the critical reasons behind the lack of a reasonable health care system in these countries. It is not “always” about the governing bodies; it is sometimes about deep-rooted beliefs that need serious attention. Only […]

  • Kabul like you’ve never heard it before…

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    With all the grim stories and news we see coming out of Afghanistan, I’m sure you’ll already have an idea of what life there must be like – violent, repressive, fearful. Right? Well, think again, it’s time to challenge your preconceptions… While some women around the world were getting praise for […]

  • Building the Great Firewall? Just Follow the Masters!

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    Governments worldwide are trying to introduce legislation for cyber censorship, curbing the privacy of internet users. And it’s no different here in Pakistan. In fact the government of Pakistan is way ahead of many others when it comes to escalating internet censorship in the name of “national security”. A division […]