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  • Mining and Elections in Ecuador

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    There is a phrase that President Rafael Correa often repeats. The last time he used it was on his official visit to Chile on October 25th 2012. On that occasion, visiting an open copper mine in Antofagasta to see how the mineral extraction process works, he said: “We cannot be […]

  • Mina Tintaya, Cusco.

    Los problemas de la gran minería en Perú

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    Abstract: In times of globalization and search for economic development, the mining industry is with no doubt one field that generates love and hate. Beyond socioenvironmental conflict there is a whole sociopolitical spectrum permeating this industry that has its parallel, and some antithesis, in the discourses about climate change and […]

  • Amazonía

    Democracia y Madre Tierra para Vivir Bien

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    Abstract: On October 15th 2012 president Evo Morales  enacted the Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well. The aim of the law is to protect natural resources, finding a balance between progress and preservation  and also to enable the development of diverse forms of production in Bolivian […]