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  • La austeridad del Presidente

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    Abstract: In Bolivia, the forced austerity is poverty. Poverty in a very rich country, rich in minerals, oil and its people, but a long history of mishandling of the public finances has led us to a deeply divided society. Our current president however, gave a different tone to things in 2006 […]

  • Austerity without protests: how to do it?

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    In February and March 2011 thousands of citizens organized through social networks came out to protest in Zagreb against the worsening social and economic situation in Croatia. In January 2012 protests against austerity measures in Bucharest turned violent. In February 2013 the government of Bulgaria fell because of protests in […]

  • The discrepant routine of a farmer from North Yorkshire, Great Britain and one from Farmer in Kabaune Village, Kenya

    Austerity in Europe is a joke for the rest of the world

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      With all due respect to Mr. Hollande, not only is the crisis not yet over, but, as Mr. Piñera said, the best is yet to come. Latin American, which has long been considered a financial disaster zone, has turned round and given this traditional perception the lie. The unprecedented stability and prosperity […]