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  • El resurgimiento del terrorismo en el Perú

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    Abstract: Many speeches have been given about the importance of people knowing their history, and the issue of armed conflict in Peru is no exception. Two thousand and twelve in particular has been a year in which the issue of terrorism and terrorist group Shining Path has strongly resurfaced. Citizenship […]

  • Marcha por el centro de La Paz, Bolivia

    La Paz se vive con violencia

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      Abstract: La Paz city got that name because it was founded to pacify the region after the civil war between the followers of Francisco Pizarro and those of Diego de Almagro in the 1540’s. The city was then granted a moto that conveyed the intention of uniting those before […]

  • Is there such thing as a dove nation?

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    Slovaks like to call themselves a dove nation – simply because some people tend to think that doves (and dolphins too) are peaceful beings. It doesn’t mean that we refuse to fight, just that we usually do not attack first, at least not alone. With our partners, however, we do […]