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  • The Human Costs of the Recession

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    It has been almost four years since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), however its effects are still being felt throughout the world.  Although there is evidence to indicate the recovery is well underway, the unemployment numbers of youth, particularly in South East Asia and the Pacific, suggest a slightly different […]

  • Women and Tourism: The Gross Domestic Potential of Tanzania

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    Mention potential, under exploitation and areas for growth re employment in Tanzania and two themes will consistently resonate – women and tourism. While tourism is a healthy contributor to Tanzanian’s GDP, second overall, it is regularly reported to be under performing, with seemingly boundless possibilities. This is recognised both formally […]

  • More and Better Jobs in South Asia

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    South Asia, which is home to more than 40 percent of the world’s absolute poor, will contribute nearly 40 percent of the growth in the world’s working age population over the next several decades. “More and Better Jobs in South Asia”, a publication by the World Bank, attempts to answer […]

  • En búsqueda de la supervivencia laboral en El Salvador

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    Abstract: In El Salvador, there aren’t many options for students after they finish their high school or university studies. Unemployment or underemployment is quite common, especially for young, fresh graduates with no work experience. Many tend to migrate to the United States where some members of their families already live. […]

  • Job creation in Haiti key to development

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    The creation of jobs in Haiti is being seen as a key element in the recovery of the Caribbean island, two years after it was devastated by an earthquake. Listen to the news The material available via this link was produced by the United Nations.