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  • Empleo en Colombia: el arte de sobrevivir con creatividad

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    Abstract: If I had to describe the way Colombians deal with unemployment with one word, it would be creativity. Labor options in the country are far from meeting the population’s needs, while the government still tries to figure out whether to embrace development or economic growth. Bus-singing, car-watching, hole-filling are […]

  • Well paid jobs for young people – not just employment

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    In the 21st century scenarios such as rising inflation, lack of employment and a crippling economy have become far too common for people all across the globe. Limited by financial constraints, the people hit by them look to battle it out in the job market to find work that in […]

  • Is there a “Home” to return to?

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    Migrants who come back home can return with valuable new skills and contacts that can positively affect their home countries’ job market. But matters of identity, questions of belonging and shame at returning empty-handed can overwhelm purely economic concerns. This year’s Berlin Film Festival showed two films dealing with characters […]