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  • Food Security- an inconvenient truth for Taiwan

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    When my father was a little poor orphan during the war in China, he searched in fields for the remains of grains of rice and ate them with rats’ or birds’ eggs he found. And my mother as a child in eastern Taiwan coast, ate rice gruel mixed with sweet […]

  • Water Sales vs Environmental Activists in Hubei

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    When you visit Wuhan for the first time, I bet you will be impressed by the wide Yangzi river and its crazy traffic of boats carrying sand and coal up to middle China through the Three Gorges. Located in Hubei province, Wuhan is a huge conurbation composed of 3 cities (Wuchang, […]

  • Finance Companies send remittances too!

    We all know that immigrants send money home, but did you know that large corporations and international enterprise do the same? They start their businesses in the developing world and then they leave with all the resources and most of the profits  – though they also increase the socio-economic standards […]

  • Flower with Vladivostok panoram in the background. Photo by Jason Rogers

    Russia: Failed Green Policy and Civil Society Alternatives

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    Ulrike Reinhard’s article compares democracies to authoritarian regimes and the ways these political models address environmental issues. But what about a country that is neither a democracy nor a 100% authoritarian state? Failed democracies like Russia have a high level of corruption that creates situations in which the authorities turn […]

  • Discussion on Inequality and Social Media in China

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    This blogpost is written by Ting Xu, Senior Project Manager at the Bertelsmann Foundation North America. Recently I joined a discussion on the Al Jazeera English network’s live broadcast of The Stream. The show, which taps the capabilities of social media to present global perspectives from under-represented individuals and groups, […]