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  • The Partisan Divide

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    Our blogger Josh Grundleger reports about the Bertelsmann Foundation’s fifth annual conference which focuses on economic growth through innovation, global financial governance and the eurozone crisis: “System Upgrade: Time for an Economic Reboot“. “I don’t want to get partisan” stated Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) in his opening remarks during the […]

  • Empowering Fijian women through education

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    Fiji is a developing island nation and the majority of the population live in rural areas of the two main islands. According to a Fiji Bureau of Statistics report in 2009, 31% of the population lived in poverty, most of whom reside in rural Fiji. The situation is worse, with the current recession […]

  • Alexander Hamilton

    The American Way and Healthcare

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    The provision of health insurance has become a controversial issue in American politics. But only two options are publicly discussed—the status quo and a big-government solution. A greater understanding of the proper role of government can help elucidate other viable options, which do not have the downsides of the United States’ current reform law, Obamacare.