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  • Un mañana más verde en la India

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    Abstract: A discussion on the deteriorating environment in Indian perspective indicates rising pollution, vanishing forests and growing population, as the obvious causes. Our policy makers are always heard of making grandiose plans of controlling pollution, and of reforestation. We seem obsessed with bigger ideas, while the goal of achieving a […]

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

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    What does Earth Day mean to a changing world? Tom Fries considers the roles of policy and market forces in managing our natural resources. And what do bloggers from all over the world think about Earth Day?

  • Earth day 2012 pakistan

    I Don’t Care About Mother Earth!

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    “Mother Earth?” laughs Fida Hussain scornfully. “What does that mean?” Fida Hussain is a forty-something taxi driver in Pakistan’s beautiful capital, Islamabad. He lives in one of the shanty towns (Kacchi Abaadi as it is usually called in local lingo) surrounding the city of bureaucrats and elite businesspeople. Fida Hussain […]

  • Minería y agua: caso Cerro Blanco (Guatemala-El Salvador)

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    Abstract: In El Salvador, where access to potable water is yet to be acknowledged by the law as a guarantee to all citizens, therefore forcing the government to ensure it will be available to anyone, most water comes from Lempa River, which is highly contaminated. Being fed by many streams […]