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  • Why They Are Afraid

    Barely a week into London’s post-Olympic stupor, before the stardust had settled, a lanky, middle-aged man emerged on the ground-floor balcony of a white stucco-fronted, red-brick building on Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge. The flowing snowy hair had been replaced by a crew cut, but there was no mistaking the body language—this […]

  • The Assange Case: the View from inside Ecuador

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      A diplomatic incident has made Ecuador hit the headlines with Britain, Sweden and the USA. From inside the country, we watch it with fascination and suspicion. All because of that sad letter from the British Foreign Office saying that they could remove diplomatic status from the Ecuadorian Embassy building […]

  • The Internet – A Tool of Power and Control

    The world has discovered much over the course of time and people have evolved much more sophisticated social organs. However, the tendency for people never to fully trust each other has also increased over the course of history. Look at history and we are sure to notice a pattern of conspiracies and biased […]