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  • An emerging cycling culture in Singapore?

    Anyone can learn to ride a bicycle. But in Singapore, one big question remains: Will you dare to? The clash of attitudes between vehicle users and cyclists, coupled with the fringe presence of a reckless cyclist racing sub-culture, may explain why the cycling culture has failed to take off in […]

  • Education: More Than Just Literacy

    Finland’s education system, which has emerged from a radical overhaul initiated over 40 years ago, is a source of fascination for many countries. Although Singapore students match the Finns in terms of performance on literacy tests, there is a stark contrast between both countries’ education philosophies. Perhaps we can do […]

  • A Tale of Two Systems

    The recent public scuffle (see YouTube video above) between a mainland Chinese family and Hong Kong commuters may have been a mere indication of a broader cultural clash. It took little to ruffle nationalist feelings – prior to this, girls snacking on trains were not seen as sparkplugs for protests. The […]

  • Why They Are Afraid

    Barely a week into London’s post-Olympic stupor, before the stardust had settled, a lanky, middle-aged man emerged on the ground-floor balcony of a white stucco-fronted, red-brick building on Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge. The flowing snowy hair had been replaced by a crew cut, but there was no mistaking the body language—this […]